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Manufacturing transfers can be a complex, complicated process.
We understand. As a contract manufacturing organization with decades of experience, we've handled manufacturing transfers for hundreds of customers—from startups to the world’s largest medical device companies.
In a new white paper, we share 4 best practices to mitigate risk for a successful manufacturing transfer.
Best Practice #3:

Risk management is the key to successful manufacturing transfers. Without a rigorous process to identify and manage risk, you could be blindsided by a wide range of issues that could cause your schedule to slip and your costs to escalate.

Working with a contract manufacturing organization that has a comprehensive, proactive risk management system in place, you ensure that there are no surprises in the manufacturing transfer process.
Real-Life Example:
RISKS AVOIDED: Material shortage and schedule delay
Working with a customer to transfer a surgical device for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), the Vention team leveraged their risk mitigation procedure to analyze the potential risk of delayed delivery of materials. As an output, Vention implemented periodic system checks, manual inventory checks, and modified inventory levels. These proactive measures avoided weeks of schedule delay and cost overruns.
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