VENTION | Advancing your innovations for the health Case Study No. 20  |   JUNE 2016
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Medical Balloon
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Balloon design & forming
Pushing Technology Limits Helps Startup Launch Novel Balloon Catheter
A small startup company had a big idea for a unique balloon catheter to treat atrial fibrillation with cryoablation. The design featured a balloon-inside-balloon design, with very challenging requirements:
 Large balloon diameter
 Short balloon overall length
 Small catheter size

No company had ever made a balloon with these ratios—Vention was breaking new ground. The Vention team pushed the limits of technology and developed new processes to produce balloons that met these requirements. The team innovated on the customer’s original design and was able to manufacture this compliant/noncompliant double balloon with very tight tolerances at production volumes.
The device was a commercial success and became the customer’s flagship product.
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