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Why visit us at MD&M East?
1   We’re Local
Our 3 East Coast sites offer regional convenience with access to 10 other facilities worldwide, providing a full breadth of products, capabilities, and expertise. We’re your integrated source for components & technologies , as well as services from design & development through manufacturing & assembly .
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2   New PTFE liners on mandrels in our Online Store
We supply our etched PTFE liner tubing on mandrels, which allows for thinner walls, reduced assembly time, and more precise IDs. Select sizes now available in our Online Store.
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 PTFE liner tubing
3   New smaller handle for your big idea
The new Versatility™ Mini Universal Handle Kit is now in stock in our Online Store.
• Accommodates 0-10 Fr shafts
• Unidirectional or bidirectional steerability
• Ships within 24 hours
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4   New products in online store
We’re continually adding more products to make your job easier. Our Online Store is the largest in the industry, with thousands of components in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours. Check out these new items:
Reinforced tubingarrow
Now 50+ items
Extruded tubing
New longer length: 55”
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Multilayer tubing
Strip of assorted patterns and colors
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Strip of assorted patterns and colors
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VENTION | Advancing your innovations for health