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PTFE tubing
Design thinner walls and reduce
assembly time
What makes our etched PTFE liners different? We supply them on a silver-plated,
copper-core mandrel, so you don’t have to stretch the liner onto another mandrel.
This helps you:
design thinner walls
thinner walls*
reduce assembly time
Assembly Time
maintain precise ids
precise IDs
reduce risk of adhesion issues
Reduce risk of adhesion issues
We now offer a handful of configurations of etched PTFE liners on mandrels
in our Online Store, in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours:
Need a PTFE liner fast?
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Don’t see the size you need? We can provide custom or continuous-spooled lengths.
Contact us to discuss custom PTFE liners.
*Liners as thin as 0.0005”
About PTFE
PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) provides a highly lubricious inner layer ideal for
catheter applications that require low friction. Our PTFE liners are fabricated using
the film-coat process used for polyimide tubing.
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