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Knotted high pressure braided tubing
Did you know that Vention offers high-pressure braided tubing?
If you’ve been looking for a new or secondary tubing supplier, we can help. Our high-pressure braided tubing:
Checkmark encompassed by circle Combines high strength and flexibility
Checkmark encompassed by circle Withstands up to 1,200 psi working pressure
Checkmark encompassed by circle Can be manufactured to precise tolerances
at high or low volumes
Flexible Polyurethane,
USP Class VI
Nylon filament
Standard tubing size:
ID: 0.071" (1.8 mm)
OD: 0.142” (3.6 mm)
Pressure rating:
1200 psi (min)
Standard lengths:
12" (305 mm) &
24" (610 mm)
Custom sizes
also available
Check out our medical tubing offering—the broadest,
most versatile tubing line in the industry.
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Sourcing high-pressure braided tubing from Vention can help you:

  Simplify your
supply chain

  Mitigate risk with an
additional tubing supplier

  Partner with the industry
expert in medical tubing
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