VENTION | Advancing your innovations for the health Case Study No. 17   |   MAR 2016
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Just the facts
Market Interventional
Product Introducer Sheath
Application Neurovascular
Company Size Large
Key Vention Expertise Precision Extrusion
Vention Designs, Develops, and Validates Precision Extruded Tube in Just 8 Weeks
Vention was tapped to help this customer redesign an introducer sheath for a neurovascular microcatheter. The extruded sheath had to have tight tolerances, heavy walls, and a precise tip, and had to be transparent so the user could visualize the implant.
The team quickly iterated and developed a proprietary extrusion process to achieve the functional requirements and transparency goal. Vention also built a dedicated manufacturing cell within 6 weeks.
The team completed the project quickly and cost-effectively—in just 8 weeks from start to finish, including design, development, and validation.
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