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Polyimide Tubing
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Braid-reinforced polyimide tubing
> 250 configurations,
including braid-
reinforced tubing
Polyimide ID range: 0.004"-0.080"
ID range:
Polyimide comes in think, thin and ultrathin
Thick, thin,
and ultrathin
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Unlimited Custom Options
Don’t see what you need in our Online Store? We can:
polyimide tubing to
your specifications
  Blend, braid, or
layer polyimide with
multiple polymers
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in as little at 2
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Polyimide resources
Our polyimide pros are always pushing the limits of technology to discover new ways of using polyimide to enhance performance characteristics. These white papers share some lessons learned:
Six Innovative Uses for Polyimide Tubing in
Medical Device Applications
Three Medical Device Design Challenges, Solved: Leveraging the Film-Coat Process with Polyimide
and other Polymers
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 Polyimide pros share what they’ve discovered about new ways of using polyimide to enhance performance characteristics
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