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Balloon catheter with lubricious coating designed through ModCath Online Design Tool
A lubricious coating is the newest option for modular balloon catheters through the ModCath™ Online Design Tool from Vention Medical.
The coating reduces friction and insertion forces, making it easier for the user to advance the catheter through an introducer sheath and guide catheter. This silicone-based, medical-grade dispersion coating is applied to the catheter shaft and balloon. The coating is fully cured after application for a non-tacky surface.
The new lubricious coating is currently available
for over the wire (OTW) balloon catheters in PET and Nylon. Coated ModCath catheters can be
built to your specifications and in your hands in four to six weeks.
Lubricious coating is applied to catheter shaft and balloon.Try ModCath today
Test drive ModCath today
We're continually expanding our ModCath options, now including:
Catheter type (RX, OTW)
OTW shaft configuration (coaxial, dual lumen)
Balloon material (PET, Nylon, Polyurethane)
Balloon size
Catheter working length
Distal tip geometry & length
Radiopaque markers
Visual shaft markers
Number of balloon folds
Straight or coiled packaging
Lubricious coating
Test drive ModCath today
Accelerate R&D with modular balloon catheters delivered in as little as two weeks.
ModCath allows you to select from a full range of modular features to design a complete balloon catheter prototype, delivered in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Many standard sizes are available in as little as two weeks. Try ModCath today >
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