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Large nylon balloon catheter available with ModCath tool
Large Nylon balloon catheters are the latest addition to the ModCath™ Online Design Tool from Vention Medical. USD Quarter
Nylon balloons in 18 mm and 30 mm diameters with lengths up to 60 mm are now available for over the wire (OTW) coaxial catheters. These catheters feature a 9.6 Fr outer shaft with a large inflation lumen that allows the user to quickly inflate and deflate even the largest balloons. Other features include a braided inner shaft for enhanced pushability, kink resistance, and guidewire tracking; and a low-profile, thermally bonded balloon.
Vention has the expertise not only to manufacture high-quality, large-diameter balloons, but to successfully attach the balloons to catheter shafts using state-of-the-art laser bonding technology. We offer complete balloon catheter options to meet your needs, including ModCath, semi-custom, and custom design programs.
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Need help developing a large balloon catheter?
Vention Medical can bring your idea to life, with three different programs to fit every design team's budget and timeline:
Get a modular balloon
catheter prototype in as
little as two weeks
Leverage your ModCath
design or choose from a
wide range of stock balloon
components to create a
more customized catheter
Build a fully custom
catheter from scratch
Accelerate R&D with modular balloon catheters delivered in as little as two weeks.
ModCath allows you to select from a full range of modular features to design a complete balloon catheter prototype, delivered in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Many standard sizes are available in as little as two weeks. Order as few as three catheters per design! Try ModCath today >
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