PEEK tubing, now in stock in our Online Store
Our customers love PEEK: it’s light, strong, and can take the heat. This versatile material allows designers to heat form, tip, taper, flare, or flange complex catheter designs.

Now, you can get PEEK tubing faster than ever through our Online Store. We have 4 configurations in stock and ready to ship within 24 hours:
  OD 0.118"
(3 mm)
  OD 0.06"
(1.524 mm)
  OD 0.039"
(0.991 mm)
  OD 0.022"
(0.57 mm)
In a hurry for peek?
We’ll soon be adding more sizes, so stay tuned!
White tubes
Opened Envelope  Don’t see the size you need? We also do custom extrusions,
including single-lumen, multilumen, and multilayer tubing items.
Contact us to discuss your extrusion needs.
PEEK (polyetheretherketone) is a thermoplastic polymer with excellent strength and heat endurance. It’s one of the few polymers that can replace metal, even in high-temperature sterilization applications. With its unique blend of stiffness, wear resistance, and low coefficient of friction, PEEK is becoming an increasingly popular choice for catheter-based devices.
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