Social Responsibility and Sustainability

Health and wellness of our employees, our communities, and our environment

Every day, we partner with our customers to develop life-saving and life-enhancing medical devices and technologies for patients around the world. But our passion for improving quality of life doesn’t end in the clinical setting. We are equally committed to the health and wellness of our employees, our communities, and our environment.

Sustainability Mission Statement

Vention is committed to improving the lives of our employees and others through better health and well-being; through improving our work and life environments; and through investing in programs that will help our customers–and their customers–deliver cost-effective, environmentally responsible products. As part of our Sustainability initiative, we place a high standard on the partners we work with to ensure that they share our commitment to improving the world.

Sustainability In Vention

Our Sustainability Council leads the Sustainability In Vention initiative. The Council actively drives our company’s vision and goals in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability at our facilities around the world, and with the suppliers we partner with. We have implemented a Supplier Code of Conduct that outlines our CSR and fair business practice expectations for the suppliers we work with. This ensures that they are committed to the same sustainability initiatives that drive our company forward.

Vention is a member of the largest advanced medical technology association, AdvaMed, a trade association that advocates the highest ethical standards in order to achieve healthier lives around the world.

Vention focuses on our global presence and seeks active participation from all of our locations. Our focus is on employee wellness, community involvement and environmental initiatives.

Employees can take advantage of exercise programs, health challenges, wellness education

Employee Wellness

We sponsor an annual Wellness Week designed to increase awareness around wellness best practices and to create and develop a culture of wellness at all of our sites worldwide. We encourage employees to participate in exercise programs and activities throughout the year to promote a healthy and positive lifestyle.

During Wellness Week, employees participate in a variety of activities that challenge themselves including athletic training sessions, financial wellness training, and nutritional information sharing. At all facilities across Vention, we focus on promoting the physical, mental, and spiritual wellness of our employees.

Employees participating in habitat for humanity and project C.U.R.E.

Community Involvement

At Vention, corporate social responsibility is more than a buzzword. It’s what we do to help build strong, vital communities. By investing our resources at both the local and global level, we are making a positive and lasting impact on issues associated with hunger, homelessness, and education.

We celebrate Vention Spirit Week, which takes place in January and designates a specific event each day that builds teamwork and focuses on community, including a day dedicated to helping a charitable organization. Activities include: donating to local food drives, clothing drives, and animal shelters. We have also donated supplies to elementary school children and have supported Project C.U.R.E., the largest provider of donated medical supplies and equipment to developing countries around the world.

Additionally, each of our sites make a commitment to coordinate at least one other program throughout the year that helps enhance the lives in our local communities.

Recycling, waste reduction, and energy reduction accomplishments

Environmental Initiatives

Our commitment to social responsibility includes global initiatives focused on decreasing our environmental impact. Our Sustainability Council has established baselines for current energy use and recycling levels at all of our sites and has established a goal to reduce our energy consumption by 3% year over year.

Some of our recent recycling, waste reduction, and energy reduction accomplishments include:

  • Our Ireland facility transitioned last year to using primarily wind-sourced energy, rather than fossil fuels.
  • Our Boulder, Colorado, facility is a Partners for a Clean Environment (PACE)-certified business, focusing on reducing energy, waste, and water use and participates in a K-cup recycling program.
  • Our Salem, New Hampshire manufacturing facility has reduced almost 50 tons of greenhouse gas emissions since the inception of their recycling program. They also utilize biodegradable gloves in the entire building, which includes 19k sq. ft. of cleanroom space.

Making an Impact

With these concerted actions across our facilities, we are able to make an impact on various communities around the world. We are always looking at ways to further our role as a steward in our communities and to drive corporate social responsibility and sustainability best practices within our organization.